Fantasticable now open to adrenalin-seeking skiers in winter!

Having first removed their skis at the top of the Rochassons chairlift, intrepid skiers are now able to fly down the first stage of the Fantasticable over Plaine-Dranse village at 140 m in winter as well

as in summer. Speeds along the giant 1,200 m zip-wire can reach 100 km/h. Thrills guaranteed!

At the bottom, skiers collect their equipment (which will have followed them down the wire in a transportation bag), snap into their skis and can continue to enjoy the wide choice of ski runs.



Only available for people with ski or snowboard.


Depend of the weather forecast.

From Saturday 09 February to Saturday 09 March 2019

Every day12:00 to 16:30

From Sunday 10 March to Monday 22 April 2019

Every day except Tuesday12:00 to 16:30

Special conditions

Maybe susceptible to change due to the wind


– Minimum weight = 35 kg

– Maximum weight = 120 kg


– Minimum weight per person = 35 kg

– Maximum weight per person = 95 kg

– Maximum weight difference between 2 people = 40 kg

Minimum weight of the DUET= 90 kg / Maximum weight of the DUET = 150 kg